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Spécifications : de la carte ROCKY 3705EV

• CPU : support Intel Celeron® up to 700 MHz or above, Pentium III
( FC-PGA ) 500-933 MHz (or Above ) and VIA Cyrix® ⅢProcessor.
Supports 66MHz, 100MHz and 133 MHz FSB.
• Expansion Bus : PICMG bus( ISA and PCI bus), expansion to
support PCI and ISA ( LPC To ISA Bus Support Slave mode only )
bus signal
• DMA channels : 7
• Interrupt levels : 15
• Chipset : SIS630E 66/100/133MHz CPU / DRAM Clock
• DRAM : Two 168-pin DIMM sockets ,supports SDRAM RAM module,
up to 1GB.
• AGP VGA Controller : On chip SIS300 3D ( Share memory up
to 64MB RAM)
AGP bus speed : 66MHz
VESA Standard Super High Resolution Graphic Mode up to
1600 x 1200 256/32K colors 100 Hz
1280 x 1024 256/32K/64K/16M colors 120 Hz
1024 x 768 256/32K/64K/16M colors 120 Hz
800 x 600 16/256/32K/64K/16M colors 120 Hz
640 x 480 16/256/32K/64K/16M colors 120 Hz
• 10/100Mbps Ethernet Controller : One Ethernet SIS900
( embedded in SIS630 chipset ), Auto-sensing interface to 10Mbps,
100Mbps Network , RJ45 connector for 10BASE-TX and 100BASETX , Full Duplex capability , Full Software driver support
• Ultra DMA/66 (Enhanced PCI IDE Interface) : Supports four PCI
Enhance IDE hard drives. The Ultra DMA/66 IDE can handle data
transfer up to 66MB/s. The best of all is that this new technology is
compatible with existing ATA-2 IDE specifications. So, there is no
need to do any change for customer’s current accessory.


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