Siemens Landis & Steafa AGG16.C / Adapter for QRA53… and QRA55…

AGG06 has a bayonet fitting with which it is attached either to the housing of adapter AGG16.C or to the housing of flame detector QRA10… and the mounting coupling.
By undoing the bayonet fittings on both sides, the AGG06 glass holder(s) can be easily detached from the combination of QRA10… or AGG16.C and QRA53…, QRA55….
This facilitates straightforward cleaning of the glass or lens without having to remove them from the glass holder AGG06.
The intermediate rings are used for the smooth running of the bayonet fittings, especially where – after emoval of the flame detector – the hole to the combustion chamber serves as a viewing tube.

By fitting the intermediate ring to the appropriate bayonet connection, the combination can be undone where required by rotating the housing of the QRA10… or AGG16.C