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EUROTHERM DRIVES 690PB/0007/400/3/0/0010/FR/0/0/0/0/0
EUROTHERM DRIVES 690PB/0007/400/3/0/0010/FR/0/0/0/0/0

Reference : 690PB0007400300010FR00000


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EUROTHERM DRIVES 690PB/0007/400/3/0/0010/FR/0/0/0/0/0


Puissance 0.75KW

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Explication de la reference  690PB/0007/400/3/0/0010/FR/0/0/0/0/0

Chaque bloc correspond a une information Block 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bloc 1 = Generic product

Bloc 2 = Four numbers specifying the power output: 0007 = 0.75kW 0015 = 1.5kW 0022 = 2.2kW 0040 = 4.0kW 0055 = 5.5kW 0075 = 7.5kW

Bloc 3 =230 220 to 240V (±10%) 50/60Hz; 400 380 to 460V (±10%) 50/60Hz;500 380 to 500V (±10%) 50/60Hz

Bloc 4 = One digit specifying the supply phases 1 = Single; 3 = Three

Bloc 5 = One character specifying the use of the Internal RFI Filter: F = Internal Supply Filter fitted; 0 = Not fitted

Bloc 6 = Four digits specifying mechanical package including livery and mechanicalpackage style, and any keypad (see Note):

First two digits Livery 00 Standard SSD Drives livery; 05 Distributor livery 01-04,06-99 Defined customer liveries

Third digit Mechanical packaging style 1 Standard (IP20), protected panel mounting with gland plate; 2 IP20 and falling dirt protection (UL Type 1)

Fourth digit Keypad 0 No Keypad; 1 6901 Keypad fitted

Bloc 7 = Two Characters specifying the user interface language including operating frequency. These characters are the same as used for computer keyboard specifications:FR French (50Hz); GR German (50Hz);IT Italian (50Hz); PL Polish (50Hz); PO Portuguese (50Hz); SP Spanish (50Hz); SW Swedish (50Hz); UK English (50Hz); US English (60Hz)

Bloc 8 = Characters specifying any feedback option installed over and above the standard features of the product.0 No option fitted; HTTL 605B encoder card fitted behind the Keypad/Tech Box Option site

Bloc 9 = Characters specifying the communications option (see Note): 0 No technology option fitted; EI00 RS485 Comms option PROF Profibus protocol; LINK LINK protocol; DNET DeviceNet

Bloc 10 = Characters specifying the comms board fitted internally.0 Not fitted

Bloc 11 = Caracters specifying the system board fitted internally.0 Not fitted; SHTTL Fitted – Dual Encoder Option

Bloc 12 = Digits specifying engineering special options. 0 No special option